photo credit:  Gabriel Matula

photo credit:  Gabriel Matula

Minority Women with Crazy Families: A 6-Week Course to Get You Away From "Crazy Insane" and Closer to Crazy in Love

Love starts with our family of origin.  It's where everything begins for us.  And as difficult as our families can be, we have to laugh at their craziness and find a way to create love for ourselves.  Why the focus on minority women?  Well, I am an expert in "ethnic crazy".  I have lived it, observed it, and I also know that there is a gap in services specifically for minority females.  So why not speak to what I know, and here is a hard truth:

Minority women with crazy families will never have a healthy & deeply fulfilling relationship unless they learn how to separate their own desires from family expectations.

My Goal with This Course:

I aim to help women with crazy families to experience fulfilling love relationships by teaching them energy techniques to break family patterns of control that keep them from the freedom of being crazy in love.  This course will provide women with tools to clear past trauma, self-heal, manifest, and deprogram negative behavior patterns learned from their families. It is for four types of life phases: 1.) the single woman looking for love, 2.) the partnered woman looking for a deeper love connection with her "other", 3.) the woman recently separated, including those recovering from abuse, and 4.) the partnered woman looking for a way out of an abusive or dysfunctional relationship 

LET'S BREAK THE CYCLE!  We will flip the pain to positive change, and flip the obstacles to opportunities, all in an environment that is safe and in enthusiasm.  

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