Crystal Readings

NOTE:  Crystal Readings are no longer available for purchase.  For those who have a promo code from an event purchase package, please add the item in the cart and enter promo and you will not be charged.   

These readings are for the the sole purpose of reading YOUR crystals.  Unlike our regular psychic readings, which are topic-based, these will look at specific crystals in your collection and their healing benefits to you (why you were drawn to them, what energies you are looking to clear, etc.). 

Sessions are 10 minutes and will cover up to 3 crystals.  Only have one crystal you'd like communication on?  You will have the luxury of receiving a more in depth reading of that one crystal's healing energies for you and specific ways to use it.  

Just like with our regular readings, once a session is booked an email will be sent to arrange an appointment either via Skype, FaceTime or through a Zoom link I can provide.  Phone readings also available

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