Psychic Mentorship Program

*A Goal-Oriented Program Combining One-On-One Psychic Training and Spiritual Counseling*


****NOTE: Individual Psychic Readings are currently only available to those who have completed Module 1 & 2 of the Psychic Mentorship Program

Because the benefits and transformation of monthly psychic mentorship with my current clients have been so drastic and inspiring, I have developed a program that incorporates both metaphysical training/education with psychic communication and spiritual counseling.  These are weekly counseling sessions over the course of 6-12 months, depending on the speed in which you learn and work through your energetic blocks.  There are currently two modules.  Module 1 will incorporate all the tools in our Step 1 Empowerment Class, but taught one-to-one throughout the counseling sessions, along with the one-to-one psychic communication and goal setting, which will include tools to release/clear energy, self-heal, and gain neutrality and intuition (See Class section for details on Step 1 tools).  Module 2 will, besides the psychic communication and spiritual counseling, include all the tools, taught one-to-one from the Step 2 Empowerment Class, including tools to protect and separate from negative energy, tools to deprogram patterned behavior, and tools for manifestation and goal-setting (See Class section for details on Step 2 tools).  

About the readings: These psychic-based spiritual counseling sessions/readings are not woo-woo and gimmicky fortune-telling sessions.  They are deep empowerment-based spirit to spirit communications allowing for your inner truths to be communicated in present time so that you may take the steps to find more joy, fulfillment, and purpose in your life.  If you are suffering or are frustrated with negative patterns of behavior or experiences that you can't seem to break, one spirit to spirit communication session can get to your core and your energetic pictures better than 10, or even 20, traditional therapy sessions.  And I know from experience, as an MSW and former mental health therapist, and a person with her own life struggles, nothing is able to get to our deeper truths than saying hello to our spirit, beneath all the layers of identity, dysfunction, and protection we have used to survive in this human world.  If you are looking for the next set of lottery numbers, this isn't your thing at the moment, but if you are looking for transformation and a deeper sense of who your spirit is, then you have come to the right place.  Welcome :)

Reading info:

Readings are done via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom (link that I will provide).

All readings/trainings are done by Lora, founder of The Bonsai Babes/The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center.  For more info on Lora, visit the "Who We Are" section & the testimonials on the home page.  

How to enroll:

Currently, enrollment is referral only.  So if a friend referred you here, and you would like a free intro reading to see how this psychic mentorship would align with your life purpose goals, please email me at with the name of the person who referred you.  I look forward to meeting you.

Don't have a referral source?  If you are still interested in the program, tune into my free podcast for mini-metaphysical lessons, and I will soon be giving opportunities for podcast listeners to get a free intro session and opportunity for program enrollment.  I look forward to meeting you too :).