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Looking for Love in our Crazy Family...Cracking Open the Cray Cray So Your Individual Light Can Shine

6 weeks online, taught live by Lora

If you are feeling limited and stuck in your love life or career, if you are bored and unsatisfied, it's easy to think of dealing with each situation logically.  "I hate my job.  I'll look for another."  But chances are, you will encounter similar problems from job to job because it's not the job, it's the resistance to breaking a dysfunctional pattern.  The key is to knowing what that dysfunctional pattern is.  And that key lies in our family.

Whether we realize it or not all families have at least a little cray cray.  It manifests itself in different ways and it can be super subtle (the type most common and most challenging) to outright telenovela/k-drama insane (believe it or not, the more obvious the easier to address and rise above)

We can take classes on family dynamics, understand the psychology of it all.  We can go to talk therapy to cope.  Or we can be just stuck, feeling limited in our love lives, career, etc. completely unknowing of the link between our personal lives and our family, no matter how much contact we have with them now.  

The only way I have found to be truly effective in flipping our obstacles (ANY obstacles) to opportunity, coming from both a clinical background as an MSW, and as a graduate of advanced courses in metaphysics, as well as a person who has experienced my own healing journey is to focus on the family, because they are at the root of our human experience, our identity, our perceptions.  Whether you completely agree with them, whether you constantly disagree with them, or if you are somewhere in the middle, healing our family heals our life.  

I have come up with a brand of holistic healing focused on reconnecting to love and our own intuitive wisdom, utilizing energy healing tools and our story-telling traditions to unlearn all that no longer serves us and remember our unique and expansive gifts.  

What you will achieve:

* Stage 1: Healing and clearing past-time relationship trauma

* Stage 2: Accessing deep forgiveness that will remove love blocks in your life 

* Stage 3: Creating the space for a deeper love connection in your relationships, from family to friends to romantic partners, and romantic partners-to-be. 


Email  info@thebonsaibabes.com if you are interested in learning with us for more info on class and enrollment.  Also, for a head start on the class, tune into the Lora Looking for Love podcast #31:  Looking for Love in Family Cray Cray