The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu


NEW:  Private One-to-One Psychic Development Courses:  ongoing, free energy check if interested (includes additional psychic communication tailored to you and your new tools, communication on energy blocks, tailored instruction on how to clear energy and reset your space more efficiently, and two energy checks)

Psychic Empowerment Courses

The foundation of the course series is comprised of merely two steps, each one an advancement on your journey of healing, alignment, and joy.  You only need to take two steps, and then you have the freedom to take "The Open Road" classes, either one, a few, or all.  Why are Step 1 & Step 2 prerequisites for The Open Road classes?  The basic tools taught in those two courses will be used in all elective classes.  Many psychic development and self-development courses require you to commit to months, and sometimes years of training so that you can be "ready" to live your life.  Having completed years of intensive training myself, I have curated a program that allows for more personal freedom, but that is just as effective as the "forced" learning and commitment of other programs.  The freedom aspect of my curriculum serves to not overwhelm our human minds with effort, apathy, or discouragement.  At The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center, we allow and encourage growth at your own speed.  We honor your wisdom to know what area of growth you are ready to tackle, and we are here to provide the assistance and tools so that you may do that.  

OPEN TO ALL GENDERS, RACES, SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS:  a safe space for all well-intentioned spirits

  • STEP 1: "Hello, Me!....Hello, Universe!": Finding Your Space Within the World.  Forget Waldo, "Where's (Fill In your name :))?" This class is about awareness, spirit retrieval, and healing, with an intro lecture on our human experience and emotions  

  • STEP 2: You the Spiritual Superhero:  Destroy, Create, Protect.  This class is about identifying dysfunctional thoughts/behavioral patterns, clearing, unlearning, and maintaining your space, with an intro lecture on attachment and destruction.  

  • The Open Road: All About My Mother.  Learning to discern and separate your truths from those of your mother.  Do you really want a baby, or is that your mother in your space?  Is that really your self-image, or do you see yourself through your mother's eyes?  Many of us love our mamas, but they can be our biggest hurdles to our spiritual growth.  This class is all about mama and clearing her energy out of our space.

  • The Open Road: Daddy Knows Best...Or Does He?.  No, he don't! (add an assertive snap above your head).  YOU KNOW BEST, and this course is all about dad's not-so-helpful influences on us, identifying where you are stuck, and deprogramming it out of our spaces.  

  • The Open Road: He (She) Loves Me, He (She) Loves Me Not:  Relationships and LOVE.  This is the one everyone wants to master, our relationship space, the space with the most drama, the most exhilaration, and the most pain.  Identify the source of your love patterns, the energy that gets in your way, and be on your way to clear your space and your path to a relationship more in alignment with your true spirit.  If you are already in a relationship, identify dysfunctional patterns or stuck energy to clear.

  • The Open Road: Working 9 to 5, What a Way to Make a Living:  This class will look at career choices and life calling.  We will identify the reason we made our career choices, who those choices were really made by, and how to get back our seniority.  Other topics covered will include creativity and passion.  

  • The Open Road:  Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Dynamic of Competition:  Competition is an energy that is SO strong in creating a domino effect of actions, yet we rarely talk about it in a class setting.  This course will discuss all the dynamics of competition and help you to identify how you relate to it, and how it affects your space in different areas of life.  

  • The Open Road:  Be Afraid.  Be Very Afraid:  What's with all the Fear?.  We all love a good horror flick at times, but unless you're living a real-life horror plot where your bodily life is truly at stake, fear does not serve you.  Learn about the energy of fear and identify the ways it gets in on your space and limits you.  Deprogram and clear.  

  • The Open Road:  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest:  You're Crazy, I'm Crazy, We're All Crazy.  This class is for the spiritual warrior who has been through much, suffered through much, and has thought at one time, he or she was losing it.  Symptoms might have been sadness/depression, auditory/visual hallucinations, or just feeling the complete oddball.  This course is all about validation, support, and healing the programming about who we are or are supposed to be.  We will look at identity and clear aspects that are not in alignment with our true spirit.  




  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you a natural empath who people turn to when they have problems? 
  • Do you find yourself worrying about and healing others?
  • Are you burned out by the lack of self-care? 
  • Are you carrying the burden of others? 
  • Are you not living your life purpose? 
  • Do you want to develop your intuition and gain psychic tools?

This course was designed to help people get to their core, to offer tools for people to  release the layers of non-self energy that get in the way of true life purpose and ultimate happiness.  Non-self energy often comes in the form of fear, responsibility, worry, anxiety, depression.  All of that is not part of your true spirit, and not part of your life purpose.  Each class,  several tools will be taught to help clear your space,  help you reclaim your certainty, and get you closer to integrating with your highest vibration.  

Not yet ready to start the empowerment classes?  Take a look at our psychic circle offerings.  They are less intensive quick communications on many of the topics addressed in depth in our empowerment classes.  Although we won't be working on specific tools or clearing, awareness is often the first step in moving energy, and psychic circles are all about heightened awareness. 




  • Public Online Course:  $300-$350 (4 classes over 4 weeks)
  • Private Online Course (One-On-One Psychic Development Training): Intro Price Through 2017: $1200 Regular Price: $1600 (4 sessions over 4 weeks: includes one-to-one psychic communication on your new tools, energy blocks, and two energy checks before and after the course.  


Interested in one-to-one training, but want to know if it's a good fit?   I offer FREE psychic readings to give communication on what your spirit is seeking from the course to allow for you to decide if you'd like to proceed.  As I will look at your spirit and energy specific to the one-on-one course, these are called, "energy checks," as they are briefer than a regular psychic reading session, but with still valuable info that you can take with you even if you decide not to take the course.  For questions or to schedule your free energy check, contact me: