Emilie Chung, Nov.2017

This review of Bonsai Babes is meant to help anyone who is currently considering spiritual counseling. My journey with Lora started in February 2017 by total accident, when I purchased a reading on impulse while shopping in the L.A. arts district. Within fifteen minutes, Lora managed to dig deeper into my relationships and provide more meaningful insight than licensed psychologists, close friends, and family members had. I was blown away! 

Before beginning my journey with spiritual counseling, I hadn't devoted much thought to psychic phenomena. I was neither a believer or nonbeliever, but I was motivated to schedule Skype sessions with Lora after the amazing, supernaturally spot-on guidance she provided during our first session. We began biweekly counseling sessions at the end of May. The several months between now and then (I am writing this in November) have been a whirlwind. My relationships, sense of identity, and feeling of purpose in life have all transformed dramatically. Without a shadow of doubt, this transformation has been for the better.

In addition to counseling, I’ve completed two Bonsai Babes psychic empowerment courses. I enrolled in these courses with no intention of becoming a psychic. Rather, I was interested in developing my intuition. These classes are not about talking to dead people, reading minds, or anything too “out there.” Lora’s focus is on providing students with tools and techniques that are fundamentally empowering. This is what makes Lora a truly gifted teacher. Ultimately, she helps students to rediscover the energetic potential within themselves. She empowers us to become our own best teacher.

If you are someone who wonders questions like, "What is my purpose in this life? How can I live in alignment with my spirit? How can I understand my relationships from a spiritual perspective?" then Lora's uncanny talent at relaying spiritual messages is exactly what you're looking for. However, even if these questions aren't on your mind, and your focus is on daily practical concerns, I would still recommend Lora's spiritual counseling. For example, since first meeting Lora, I've quit smoking cigarettes. This was never a topic we discussed in session, but the spiritual guidance channeled by Lora eased the restlessness which was driving this behavior.   

Overall, the past few months since embarking on spiritual counseling have been one of the most transformative periods of my life. There were many times when undergoing such drastic change was NOT easy—many aspects of my old identity had to collapse before my authentic self could truly emerge. Lora has been a wonderful guide through these dark transformative periods, and although my journey is not complete, I am now in a place where I feel deeply fulfilled by life. Lora's patience, empathy, humor, and sincerity will help any spiritual seeker to uncover their light.



***(Message from The Bonsai Babes: Below are reviews from our pop-up shop in the LA Arts District from Feb.-March 2017)

Via Yelp March 2017

I had a one-hour reading with Lora that included 3 past-life readings and 2 topics of my choice. Unlike so many psychic mediums I've met with over the years who like to fill the hour with small talk about themselves and other irrelevant nonsense, I really feel that Lora is studied, focused, and passionate about actually providing healing to her clients. She's young, bright, and not seduced by the money.

Lora grounded herself before channeling info, which impressed me because I felt that she placed her own ego on the shelf and honed in on me. She talks fast, which is great because she packed a lot into our session. She brought through neutral messages to which she added a positive and productive interpretation. I came away with stuff to work on as well as a bit of relief over a concern I'd had.

If you're serious about digging in to your spiritual self, accepting what comes and trusting that it's all for your highest good, then go see Lora. She's the best kept secret. Oh, and if you need to buy another gift for yourself or some other smart and chic hipster millennial, you'll be in the right place. Her shop is surrounded by stylish boutiques in the middle of DTLA's artist district.

Mary J., March 2017

I really can't say enough about Bonsai Babes!  I was given the book, as a gift, from a friend of mine.  I thought it was a cute book about two old friends. Even then, I didn't realize that I had found a truly unique individual, in Lora. Not to give to much away, my best friend and I read the book to each other. It was from the character we related to the most. We laughed, had our jaws on the table, even a few tears. Not only did we connect to the book, and each other, we found a connection in Loraher words brought healing from our past, and to our present. 

When we found out she was opening a shop, we knew we HAD to be a part of it. It's not a shop though. It truly is an Empowerment Center!  I can go on, and on, about the beautiful surroundings, interesting boutiques, and eclectic population of the building, but I want to get to the good stuff!!!  The jewelry, artwork, and t-shirts were amazing!  I got a birthday reading and it was, for lack of a better word, UNREAL!  In the best sense of the word!  She was able to walk me through so much of what I could do, now, that I have already started to reap those seeds. 

I can't thank her enough for all of the beauty she has brought in to this world. From the book, to the reading, I am positive, all who enter, will leave changed. 

Thank you BBEC!!!!!