Psychic Circles

If you are looking for a powerful spiritual experience in a small group honoring community, an economical alternative to our private one-to-one psychic readings, or are considering taking our more intensive empowerment courses but aren't quite ready, these unique psychic circles are perfect for you. Circles are limited to 5 participants and they are all about AWARENESS!  And awareness is the first step toward spiritual growth.  

Each circle, we will focus on one topic.  I will give a short metaphysical talk/lesson, conduct one-to-one readings in a round-robin fashion, and lead a centering meditation.  There is strength in community, and allowing others to bear witness and acknowledge our spiritual goals is often very profound.  And likewise, bearing witness, offering a space of non-judgment to others is equally powerful.  Please note that we do not intend to heal others in the group, only honor their space as they honor ours. If you are uncomfortable receiving communication in a small group setting, please see our private psychic reading options.

FOR THOSE ALREADY TAKING OUR EMPOWERMENT COURSES: You are welcome to participate as well.  If you are drawn to the psychic circles, your intuition usually has a reason.  You will get additional communication that will help you use your tools to clear the energy that you are wanting to work.

*For those unable to make a circle, please contact for private circles at your home, office, business.

Psychic Circle (Topic: ABUSE): Wednesda, Sept. 6, 2017 (7-8:30 pm); Los Angeles (location hidden for participant privacy due to the nature of the topic). Feel free to call or email if interested before purchasing. Once enrolled, you will be sent an email with details.

Psychic Circle

Includes a meditation, metaphysical teaching on the given topic, reasons why the topic often shows up in our experience, and a round robin psychic reading with individual communication to each participant.  

Limited to 5

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Upcoming Psychic Circles:

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Psychic Circle Topic:  FEAR

"The enemy is fear.  We think it is hate, but it is fear." --Gandhi

Get insights to your panicked mind, and begin to tackle one of the big boys in the energy game: F-E-A-R.  


Psychic Circle Topic: FAMILY

Ah, family seems so harmless, but what a toll they can take on our sanity.  Stop monkeying around and get to the circle if you think you should. 


Psychic Circle Topic:  COMPETITION

When we're not physically competing, like in a sport, or like animals in the wilderness, competition sometimes flies under the radar.  BUT IT'S THERE! This is a particularly good one for women!




Other Future Topics: 

ABUSE: Unfortunately most of us have experienced some form of it.  The concept of abuse will be discussed from a metaphysical perspective.

FAILURE:  This one is a great terrorizer of people, and especially great to look at for those who are very stuck in this energy

LOVE: One that holds so much of our attention, so why not look at it from a different perspective?