What People Are Saying About Lora's Empowerment Based Spirit to Spirit Communications...

A Life-Changing 15 Minutes

I had seen one "psychic" before and the experience was underwhelming. On an impulse, my friend suggested we go to Lora for psychic readings. I was skeptical but still went through with the reading, expecting some entertainment that would make for a good social activity.

I had recently extracted myself from an abusive relationship that left me full of self-doubt. I asked Lora for a reading on this past relationship. I said the full name of this person and told Lora when the relationship had ended. Without any other details, Lora painted a shockingly accurate portrait of this person's spirit. I followed up with a question about my current relationship, and once again, Lora perceived this person's spirit with unnerving clarity. The friend who I attended this reading with knows both people and can also vouch for the stunning veracity of Lora's insights.

Words cannot express how empowering it was to have my spirit 'seen' and interpreted by Lora. Since my session with Lora, I have been exercising more and eating healthier. I have also stuck to my resolution of quitting cigarettes. These were not objectives that I discussed with Lora, rather, her session put me in touch with my intuition, and the result is that I have been making better choices intuitively.

--Review via Yelp



I got a birthday reading, and it was, for a lack of a better word, UNREAL In the best sense of the word!  She was able to walk me through so much of what I could do now, that I have already started to reap those seeds.

--Excerpt via Yelp



I had a one-hour reading with Lora that included 3 past-life readings and 2 topics of my choice...Lora grounded herself before channeling info, which impressed me because I felt that she placed her own ego on the shelf and honed in on me. She talks fast, which is great because she packed a lot into our session. She brought through neutral messages to which she added a positive and productive interpretation. I came away with stuff to work on as well as a bit of relief over a concern I'd had.  If you're serious about digging in to your spiritual self, accepting what comes and trusting that it's all for your highest good, then go see Lora. She's the best kept secret..  

--Excerpt via Yelp