Intuitive Readings by Lora

Intuitive Readings by Lora

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Currently, I am offering intuitive readings via Skype or phone.  The readings range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

What is an intuitive reading?

Spirit to spirit communication to validate and assist you on your life path. We are all born with psychic abilities and intuition, but these gifts are often discouraged and, as a defense to this invalidation, we often close down our intuitive abilities and lose touch with our inner voice.  The intuitive readings I offer speak to the "spirit you" to allow you the opportunity to remember your deeper truths, your knowingness as spirit, and even buried dreams that you pushed aside because you "weren't supposed to dream in that way."  Topics include career, love, life purpose, relationships, family, and much more.  These readings are to assist you in living a more fulfilling life and to empower you as you see yourself more authentically.  

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