Long Distance Energy Healings (Aura, Craniosacral, Remote Touch)

Long Distance Energy Healings (Aura, Craniosacral, Remote Touch)


Stuck Energy that is not your own, if not cleared, can cause discomfort, pain, "dis-ease".  Even when energy already manifests as physical symptoms, energy healings do wonders to assist with healing and body balance.  Energy healings are good for stress, and help you get your space back from family, friends, people who are in competition with you.  When the energy that isn't yours is cleared, you are more "you", which automatically assists with emotional well-being as well.  Great for assisting with depression, anxiety, and other physical ailments, as well as prevention.  

Types of energy healings:

Aura:  helps remove foreign energy (from the environment and other people) that is stuck in the 7-layer energy field surrounding your body, also known as the aura

Craniosacral:  helps to align the body and joints, and allows for improved flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (also helpful for stress, depression, and overall apathy that could lay dormant in the body)

Remote Touch:  Long distance healing technique that focuses on specific areas requiring healing, both physical and energetic.  

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