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First-ever Sidewalk “Book & Toy Swap” with special guests Jupey Krusho and Lora Nakamura

  • Grow Kid Grow 4310 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90029 United States (map)

Save some money and teach your child about recycling/repurposing at the same time! Simply bring in your child’s gently-used books and toys to exchange for a different, new-to-you books and toys! The swap will include books and toys for infants through ages 14/16. Kids get new-to-them stuff, parents save money, and it’s good for the environment! It will operate much like our annual costume swap, if you’ve had the opportunity to join us in the past.

OK folks, here’s how the “swap” is gonna go down …

Please prepare your books & toys ahead of time. Please make sure that items are clean and free of stains or tears, or they will not be accepted. We are not accepting any plush stuffed animals or board games for this event. We are also not encouraging toys with too many small misc pieces.

Note- Yes, the swap will take place on the sidewalk in front of GKG, not inside the store. As many of you know, Sunset can be a very busy street, so you may not want to bring your small children along unless you’re able to closely supervise them. If you have an additional grown-up with you, we do have a small play area/train table in the back of the store, where they can hang out while you swap.

Please bring no more than 8 items (i.e, 3 toys & 5 books, or 8 toys, etc). All items must be able to fit into a grocery-sized bag. You will receive a ticket or tickets for each toy and or book you bring to use toward other toys and books. Do keep in mind, you’re welcome to arrive anytime between 11 am and 1:30 pm, but the selection may be more limited toward the end of the swap. The swap will be on a first come first served basis! However, the swap will continue until 1:30 pm, so it’s likely that folks will continue to bring more stuff until the end. That will also give you the opportunity to revisit the swap if you don’t find the right thing early on.

If for any reason, you do not find anything you like, Grow Kid Grow will give you a voucher (amount will reflect 40% of what we would sell your items for), to use at our store any time prior to July 28, 2015. These vouchers may be used toward any GKG store purchase, but will not be applicable toward consignment items.

Also, you’re welcome to reclaim any of your books or toys, if they are still available and should you not find something you’d like to swap it for. If you reclaim your items however, you will not be eligible for a GKG voucher. Any remaining toys or books, once the swap ends, will become the property of Grow Kid Grow.

Please be respectful of GKG and your fellow swappers.

We’re also so excited to welcome 2 amazing “kid friendly” local artists/designers to our swap! **They will each be hanging out at their own tables with some of their lovely wares for sale ( not to swap however!). Here’s who they are…

Jupey Krusho

Ok. Several years ago, I fell in love with (& so did my son) this awesome cartoon called “Yum Yum Chocobuns”. We’ve been carrying the activity books for some time now at GKG. Anyway, Jupey recently contacted me with more great stuff. We are now selling his plush, zipper bags and greeting cards. And get this …Jupey is planning on releasing some new Yum Yum Chocobuns stuff on July 21st but he has offered to do a 'one day pre-sale' of that stuff at Grow Kid Grow during our swap! That’s right- we get 1st dibs! Then it won't be available again until its official release date of July 21st. We’re honored!
Here’s a little more about jupey! jupey krusho, pronounced ‘joo-pee crush-oh’, means “endless obsession” and is the colorful vision of American designer Jupey. Since 2007, Jupey has consistently developed new characters with strong themes and vivid personalities ranging from cute and bright to dark and dynamic. Each character Jupey creates is born from a specific emotion, experience or attitude, and developed through focused experimentation. While the exploration of a character can begin from anywhere, the end objective is always the same: a fresh character who can teach, challenge and inspire.

Lora Nakamura

We’re also super excited to welcome Lora Nakamura to our swap! You know those super cute “Bonsai Babes” stickers we’ve been passing out at GKG? Well Lora is the creator of the “Bonsai Babes”. I adore her book (so do my son & daughter!), and can’t wait for you to see her awesome stuff!
Lora Nakamura is an author, illustrator, storyteller, and creator of The Bonsai Babes cartoon characters, greeting cards, art prints, t-shirts, and book, The Bonsai Babes: A Love Story, an all-ages illustrated book of inspiration for the inner child in us. As a credentialed teacher and MSW, her writing aims to break down the barriers that prevent us from realizing our highest potential.

“The story is sweet as is the art — like bubble gum.” —Nichi Bei Weekly (on The Bonsai Babes: A Love Story book)

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