The Bonsai Babes

The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center

Established Feb. 1, 2017 in the City of Angels, DTLA Arts District


There is a connection between creation/creativity and spirituality.  To create anything in truth, your physical body and mind must know how to communicate with the spirit you.  The Center encourages that communication, allows for it, and honors it.  Nothing is just one thing...everything is interconnected.  

Combining art, creativity, truth, and freedom.  All are welcome, a safe space for you who are ready to own your passions, experience transformation, and love yourself. 


free smiles and a spirit to spirit hello

psychic readings (spirit to spirit communication): during pop-up events, via SKYPE/phone or in-person by appt. at our office locations (see below)

NEW!!!!:  Empowerment Classes & Metaphysical Teachings (see Class Schedule)

Products: Art, Metaphysical Tools/Crystals/Sage/Pendulums:  during pop-up events or by request



Office Locations for Psychic Readings (1 hour only, by appt.):  

1. Silver Lake: 1615 Lucile Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Golden Folk)

2. Filipinotown: 3200 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90026  (SIPA)

3. DTLA Arts District: 801 E. 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Art Share)

by appt. only



Lora Nakamura, founder  The Bonsai Babes & The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center   

Lora Nakamura, founder

The Bonsai Babes & The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center


Lora Nakamura, founder and creator of The Bonsai Babes brand and The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center, is an educator, former high school teacher, and MSW, having both worked as a social worker and mental health therapist in underserved communities in Los Angeles County, as well as in hospital settings, dialysis and hospice care. Her spiritual studies began as an undergrad at UCSD where she was immersed in a religions of the world curriculum, opening her awareness to the similarities among religions that are often portrayed as vastly different.  Her spiritual curiosity persisted throughout her 20’s and 30’s when she explored religions from Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity to Islam, Buddhism and Self-Realization Fellowship.  

Comfortable in her 9 to 5 job, but not truly happy in her life, there was nothing pushing her to change or transform, until two very harsh life experiences smacked her in the face and woke her up, showing her two options:  give up to the darkness that was enveloping her or look harder for the light.   She chose the latter and her quest to find the light led her back to her spiritual path, where she encountered some of the greatest metaphysical teachings to exist on this planet. 

After 6 years of metaphysical training and self-development work, she has cleared the layers of energy that had blocked her clairvoyance and inner wisdom and has graduated from advanced clairvoyant programs with specialties in energy healing i.e. cranio-sacral healing, hands-on healing, remote touch healing, aura healing, and shamanic healing.  Through these programs, she also holds a Minister’s License through the Sacred Healing Ministry Program of her Clairvoyant studies. 

Her specialty is seeing and interpreting bigger picture information for others so that they may work toward positive changes in their life to increase their happiness and become more self-empowered.  She calls her psychic readings “empowerment-based spirit to spirit communication” because it always enables the readee options, as we live in a free-will universe. 

She opened The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center in February of 2017 in the Arts District of DTLA, providing metaphysical tools and one-to-one psychic communication.  In a short amount of time The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center transformed into a mobile space and now offers classes in various parts of Los Angeles. 


I've often felt like an outsider, seeing things from angles that were not the norm, seeking answers within the vast distance that seemed to lie between myself and the world.  But "always" doesn't actually exist, and I've experienced moments of connection so impactful that they will stay with me forever.  

There was a man who I fell in love with,  who came in and out of my life so rapidly and then vanished into thin air.  Several years later, I came to find that he was not who he said he was in terms of his identity, his life story, his human reality.  I wondered why I had loved him, despite his lies, and even now, I hold only loving feelings toward him.  And it is because, despite the reality of our lives during that time, we created a spirit bubble where the physical reality didn't matter.  And it was this man who said to me one day, "Lora, do you know what your gift is? You crack people open."  It was his sharpest and clearest communication to me during our time together. 

He didn't tell me something that I didn't know.  He told me something that I had seen in a negative light, and revealed to me as a positive, as "a gift."  It was an uncovering of a truth that was able to come to light and be dealt with.  Over the next several years, I had allowed that phrase to exist in my consciousness, as I continued on my spiritual journey, gaining new psychic skills and studying vast metaphysical teachings.  And now, I am ready to offer my truths and my gift to those who might benefit from them.  And just like with my experience of receiving a truth that helped me grow and expand, that is how spirit to spirit communication allows for the empowerment of each of us.  

My communications are not meant to "fix" you, as you are fully capable beings, but they do offer validation to the deeper truths that are wanting to come to the surface.  The empowerment center is called such because I am not your answer or your savior, but rather a tool to help you uncover wisdom that will eventually lead to a stronger, more knowing being, in alignment with your higher source.  

Psychic Readings/Spirit to Spirit Communications available by appt. in-person or via Skype/phone.  For info, call or email, or book directly through our booking tab.    


Phone: 626-667-4769