Set of 24 Personalized "I Foresee" Greeting Cards

Set of 24 Personalized "I Foresee" Greeting Cards

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This card is great for those intuitive souls who are always seeking their ultimate truths.  Also great as signature stationery to give inspiration to loved ones who might need a little hope in their lives.  Two versions:

Version A: (Bonus graphic of a heart inside radiating sun) Rays of love shining down on you.

Version B:  A speedy recovery. Get well soon.

After placing your order, please send an email to with your chosen "psychic name" at the top.  

Price breakdown:

1 Pack:  $5/card (save $24 off retail)

2 Pack:  $4.50/card (save $72 off retail)

3 Pack: $4/card (save $144 off retail)

4 Pack: $3.50/card (save $240 off retail)

5 Pack-10 Pack: $3/card (save $360-$720 off retail)

*Allow 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery

*For orders greater than 10 packs or for special events/requests, please email

*Personalized/bulk orders will be delivered boxed, include envelopes, but will not be individually wrapped in cellophane.  If you need them individually wrapped, please email me at for additional pricing.  

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