Reading & Healing on the Topic of FAMILY

Reading & Healing on the Topic of FAMILY


This is a special Thanksgiving reading/healing package only available for purchase from Nov. 23, 2017 through Nov. 26, 2017.  I have some availability during the holiday weekend for immediate readings, but readings can be schedule in future weeks, and must be completed by the end of 2017.  The reading/healing is done online via FaceTime, Skype, or via a Zoom link I can provide if neither FaceTime or Skype are preferred.  Phone readings/healings are also an option.  

I do not usually offer healings, but during holidays family energy can sometimes be more intense than normal, so for a limited time, I will include a FREE family healing with this family reading/healing package.  

Spirit to spirit communication, AKA psychic readings, AKA spiritual counseling is a healing in itself, as it allows for your spirit to recognize the areas needing attention for self-healing and growth.  However, there are times when we can treat ourselves to some extra healing and pampering (kind of like the difference between giving ourselves a bath and going to a Korean day spa where women scrub off your dead skin in areas hard to reach :)).  Just for the holidays, I'll be that Korean day spa scrubber, and help you clear the energy around family.  So if you got a lot of build up, then you might want to take advantage of this offer through Sunday. 

You will have a choice to focus on any aspect of your family you would like, or I can lead the reading focusing on:

-family agreements

-karma/past life


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