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Who is Lora?


Lora Nakamura, founder and creator of The Bonsai Babes brand and The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center, is an educator, former high school teacher, and MSW, having both worked as a social worker and mental health therapist in underserved communities in Los Angeles County, as well as in hospital settings, dialysis and hospice care. Her spiritual studies began as an undergrad at UCSD where she was immersed in a religions of the world curriculum, opening her awareness to the similarities among religions that are often portrayed as vastly different.  Her spiritual curiosity persisted throughout her 20’s and 30’s when she explored religions from Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity to Islam, Buddhism and Self-Realization Fellowship.  

Comfortable in her 9 to 5 job, but not truly happy in her life, there was nothing pushing her to change or transform, until two very harsh life experiences smacked her in the face and woke her up, showing her two options:  give up to the darkness that was enveloping her or look harder for the light.   She chose the latter and her quest to find the light led her back to her spiritual path, where she encountered some of the greatest metaphysical teachings to exist on this planet. 

After 6 years of metaphysical training and self-development work, she has cleared the layers of energy that had blocked her clairvoyance and inner wisdom and she has graduated from advanced clairvoyant programs with specialties in energy healing i.e. cranio-sacral healing, hands-on healing, remote touch healing, aura healing, and shamanic healing.  Through these programs, she also holds a Minister’s License through the Sacred Healing Ministry Program of her Clairvoyant studies. 

Her specialty is seeing and interpreting bigger picture information for others so that they may work toward positive changes in their life to increase their happiness and become more self-empowered.  She calls her psychic readings “empowerment-based spirit to spirit communication” because it always enables the readee options, as we live in a free-will universe. 

She opened The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center in February of 2017 in the Arts District of DTLA, providing metaphysical tools and one-to-one psychic communication.  In a short amount of time The Bonsai Babes Empowerment Center transformed into a mobile space and now offers classes in various parts of Los Angeles.  


An Invisible red thread connects those we are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.  -- Chinese Proverb

An Invisible red thread connects those we are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.  -- Chinese Proverb

Who are The Bonsai Babes?


The Bonsai Babes are characters that Lora had invented years ago, while she was playing with her creativity.  She thought it would be cool to create cartoon girls with bonsai tree hair to represent her Japanese heritage.  Proud of her invention, she had her rough sketch printed on a small run of  t-shirts, which were soon sold at a female-owned boutique in the Fairfax District of LA.  But once the shirts were gone, she put away the concept of The Bonsai Babes, went on to graduate school, and forgot all about them.

Several years passed, and an intense life experience inspired her to write a book, a children’s book for adults, honoring unconditional love and our ability to transform.  She needed characters, and remembered The Bonsai Babes from several years earlier.  Unable to find the right illustrator, she ended up learning to illustrate on the computer and recreated the original rough sketch on her own. 

She soon realized that The Bonsai Babes’ tree hair not only represented her Japanese heritage, but the very transformation she wrote about in her story.  Just as the bonsai tree must transform to reach its state of ultimate beauty, we, and The Bonsai Babes must also go through our own transformation to reach our true potential.  It is not where we begin, but where we end that holds all of our meaning and beauty. The Bonsai Babes have become the mascots of her empowerment work, and also validation to her that we sometimes create in the present time, not knowing what our creations will become, but we should have faith in all our creations, as they are seeds whose purpose, will reveal themselves at the right moment.  To transformation, faith, and love…